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Savannah Product Liability Lawyers Holding Auto Manufacturers Liable for Defects

Helping injury victims harmed because of defective auto parts

Car manufacturers have an affirmative duty to make sure the cars they make and sell are safe for consumers. The designers and makers of cars are in the best position to plan, test, and correct any problems in the cars they make. This duty applies to all car companies, no matter where the car is built and no matter the brand. The essentials of auto product defect cases are twofold. The first test is that the car was either designed improperly, made incorrectly or with substandard parts, or the manuals on how to use and repair the vehicles are unclear or wrong. The second test is that the death or injuries resulted from the defects.

At Harris Lowry Manton LLP, our Savannah auto product liability lawyers have won numerous multi-million dollar verdicts and settled similarly large cases. In one case, we were able to obtain a $47 million-dollar award against Ford Motor Company for a client who suffered a spinal fracture due to an auto defect that caused the vehicle to unexpectedly move from park to reverse.

Steve Lowry and the other attorneys at Harris Penn Lowry are the best in the business. They go above and beyond to take care of their clients. They are accessible, professional and highly qualified.

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Sample types of car defects

Defects can affect every part of the automobile. Our auto accident lawyers are ready to handle any type of auto fault including the following:

  • Air bag malfunction
  • ATV defects (four-wheelers, recreational vehicles)
  • Brake shift interlock
  • Door latch failures
  • General crashworthiness issues
  • Passenger van rollovers
  • Roofs that rollover
  • Seat back failings
  • Seatbelt defects
  • SUV rollovers
  • Tire and rim mismatch
  • Tire blowouts
  • Window glazing defects

Auto product defect cases require quick action. Our Savannah auto defect lawyers work with traffic reconstruction experts, engineers, and automobile experts to examine the vehicle and the scene of the crash in order to identify the defect and trace it back to the manufacturer. Our products liability attorneys also bring lawsuits against the auto distributors and retailers in addition to the makers of the car.

In many cases, if a car or car part is defective, there is a good chance that hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of comparable cars have the same defect. By bringing private and class action lawsuits, we are able to help everyone who was injured or may be injured by the same defect. We often begin our investigation by reviewing whether the vehicle is subject to any recall actions.

Speak with an experienced Savannah auto product liability lawyer today

Vehicle manufactures should place the safety of the car buyer and driving public ahead of profits. There is no excuse for putting cars on the road that can cause the tragic loss of lives or injuries that can change the lives of crash survivors. For immediate help and strong advocacy, please contact the Savannah auto product liability attorneys at HLM at  912-651-9967 or use our contact form to schedule a free consultation. We demand compensation for pain and suffering, lost income, hospital bills, doctor visits, medical devices, and medications. We also demand payment if a person is scarred or disfigured.

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