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Deadly, Faulty Bed Rails Recalled for Entrapment Risk

There is perhaps no place we feel safer than our beds. Even for those who have a difficult time getting in or out of bed, there are plenty of options for easily installed portable bed rails, so our beds are a place of comfort and relaxation. Or rather, they should be. Unfortunately, some people who…

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The High(er) Risks of Multi-Vehicle Crashes

The majority of car crashes in the country involve only a single vehicle. When those crashes are fatal, determining the ultimate cause of the wreck can be difficult. When two vehicles are involved, the situation becomes much more complex; even with video evidence, there are now at least two versions of events and many more…

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Fall and Winter Are Dangerous Seasons for Georgia Drivers

The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) maintains comprehensive records about all reported crashes that occur in the state. When a crash is reported to the authorities, a significant amount of information is recorded and stored. This includes (but is not limited to) details about all persons involved, road and weather conditions, vehicle descriptions and even…

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