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What Does “Defective Product” Really Mean?

A defective product is one that does not work the way it should. The purpose of a product liability lawsuit is to hold to account a manufacturer or distribution company for their legal responsibility for any damages caused by a defective or dangerous product. Manufacturers are obligated to make their products work the way they…

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Is Tesla’s Semi a Safer Alternative to Other Trucks?

News that Tesla was going to begin producing versions of a semi-truck was released in 2017. Production dates have been pushed back a couple of times, but if they can pull it off, will it make the roadways safer? Production of the electric truck has now been slated for late 2020, but if it hits…

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More Than a Million Vehicles Recalled in Two Days

In the course of 48 hours recalls have been issued for over one million vehicles from two of the three biggest US car makers. Fiat Chrysler has recalled Jeep and Dodge SUVs, while General Motors has recalled pickup trucks. Who initiates a car recall? The vehicle recall process is typically initiated by the auto manufacturer…

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Does Insurance Compensate a Pedestrian Hit by a Driver?

In most cases, a car insurance policy will cover the damages when a pedestrian is hit by a car. However, there are times when the policy may not be enough to cover those damages, or when there some question as to who is responsible for the collision. Under Georgia law, drivers are required to have…

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Broker and Shipper Liability in Truck Accidents

A broker, or third-party logistics provider (3PL), is a company that offers logistics services around shipping operations. A 3PL may provide a single service or an entire bundle of services involving supply chain management. This means the 3PL company may not actually haul loads of cargo itself, but instead contract with motor carriers to have…

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Who Is Liable in a Moving Truck Accident?

If you have ever rented a U-Haul to move, you know how stressful it can be. The truck is bigger and boxier than your car, and the sightlines and blind spots are different. Other drivers may try to speed up to pass you, or you can find yourself stuck on a narrow road, hoping you…

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Internal Organs Commonly Damaged in Car Crashes

When a vehicle moving at highway speeds collides with another vehicle or object, the physical impact on the occupants of the vehicle can lead to serious, even permanent, injuries or death. Many of these blunt force trauma events can cause various life-threatening injuries, including damage to internal organs. The spleen Due to its position in…

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Liability for Non-Traumatic Brain Injuries

When we hear about brain injuries, we typically think of blows to the head, as commonly happen in car accidents, assaults or other severe physical trauma. However, not all brain injuries are caused by a violent external force to the head. Many result from non-traumatic causes, like medical errors, lack of oxygen to the brain,…

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