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What is important when you’re picking a personal injury lawyer is that you find a lawyer that has experience. Not just experience handling personal injury cases per se, but experience in the courtroom, and who’s actually taking cases to trial, has put a case similar to the one that you or your loved one has, and has actually tried that to the verdict. Those lawyers know how to put the case together in order to either try to a jury, or to maximize the recovery that they’re going to get in any type of a resolution that there might be.

Not only having a lawyer that’s experienced and is taking cases to trial, but also one that you have a good relationship with and is compassionate, understands what you’re going through, or at least tries to understand the type of situation you’re in. Isn’t just looking at you as another number, as another case, that has actually getting to know you, getting to know your family, spending time with you.

We go and spend time in our clients’ homes, we spend it with their family, we spend it with their loved ones and we really try to get to know the person, so that when we’re presenting that case to a jury, we’re presenting the most complete picture that we can of what has happened to this person, or what they were like if they passed away.

Harris Lowry Manton LLP proudly represents injury victims throughout Georgia. If you have been hurt, let us help. To speak with an experienced personal injury attorney in Savannah or Atlanta, please fill out our contact form, or call one of our offices: Atlanta at 404.998.8847, and Savannah at 912.417.3774.

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