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Birth Injuries

Birth Injuries

Atlanta Birth Injury Attorneys Fight for the Rights of Victims

Protecting Georgia families when negligence leads to the harm of mother or child

The birth of an infant is a time for celebration as families welcome a new baby into the world. Unfortunately, for many families, the excitement quickly turns to tragedy when the labor and delivery process results in injury. The lawyers of Harris Lowry Manton LLP understand the physical, mental, and financial challenges that birth injuries place on families. That is why we diligently work to secure sufficient compensation. When a joyous occasion turns into a nightmare, look to our seasoned Atlanta birth injury lawyers to fight for your rights.

Types of birth injuries

Our knowledgeable Atlanta birth injury lawyers diligently advocate for the rights of victims. We have worked to compensate a variety of birth injuries, including:

  • Erb’s palsy. This condition is also referred to as brachial plexus or shoulder dystocia. It occurs when a difficult delivery damages nerves in the shoulders and arms of the infant.
  • Infant brain damage. Brain damage can result from a difficult delivery or unreasonably prolonged labor. Loss of oxygen or physical damage to the head can cause injury to the infant’s brain.
  • Wrongful death. Labor and delivery mistakes, misdiagnoses, or physician errors can lead to the wrongful death of the mother and/or infant.
  • Bone fractures. A difficult delivery or delivery technique errors can fracture various bones within the infant’s body.
  • Hypoxia. A loss of oxygen to the infant during the labor and delivery process can lead to hypoxia, which can negatively affect various organs within the body.

If your baby has been harmed by the negligence of a medical professional during delivery, trust us to handle the complexities of your family’s case.

Causes of birth injuries

Birth injuries occur for a number of reasons. Medical errors may have begun during the pregnancy stage, with a physician’s failure to properly diagnose. Labor complications or poor delivery decisions may also have contributed to the resulting injuries. Some of the most common causes of birth injuries include:

  • Improper use of forceps during the delivery
  • Improper use of vacuum during the delivery
  • Unreasonable delay in ordering a Cesarean Section
  • Failure to properly monitor the mother’s health
  • Failure to perform necessary tests
  • Inadequate monitoring of the fetus
  • Failure to recognize signs of distress

The skilled Georgia birth injury attorneys of HLM understand the challenges that families face when dealing with a birth injury. That is why we diligently work to ensure a level of compensation that adequately reflects your physical, mental, and financial damages.

Do not hesitate to get help from a Georgia birth injury lawyer

When the negligence or carelessness of a hospital or medical professional leads to a birth injury, you deserve justice. The experienced Atlanta birth injury attorneys of HLM diligently advocate for the rights of birth injury victims and their families. For help now, call our Atlanta office at 404-998-8847 or our Savannah office at 912-417-3774, or complete our contact form to schedule a free initial consultation.

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