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Atlanta Product Liability Lawyers, GA

Holding manufacturers, distributors, and others liable for product defects that harm or kill people in Atlanta and throughout the state

Companies that make consumer, industrial, and health products have a duty to the public to make sure their products are safe. Under Georgia law, manufacturers must avoid any manufacturing defects, design errors, or misleading instructions and advertising. Defective products can kill, cause catastrophic injuries, create permanent physical and emotional harm, and cause victims to suffer in many other ways.

At Harris Lowry Manton LLP, our Atlanta product defect lawyers work with engineers and product safety experts to prove that products were defective and that the defect caused your injuries. Our legal team has won numerous awards and settled many personal injury cases. We fight to get consumers and workers compensation for the pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages, disfigurement, and scarring that product defects may cause.


The attorneys at Harris Lowry Manton are highly professional and extremely compassionate. They truly care about seeking justice for their clients.

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What is a product liability claim?

A product liability claim is one in which an injured party may hold a manufacturer, designer, seller and/or distributor liable for injuries resulting from defective products. Typically, these claims fall into three categories:

  • Design defects, where the design of the product leads to the product being inherently dangerous. Examples include pieces of furniture that are susceptible to tipping, or Takata’s deadly airbags.
  • Manufacturing defects, where an event that occurred during the manufacturing process made the product dangerous. Examples include foreign contaminants getting added into medicine that is compounded overseas, or a misfire by a machine press which ruins the structural integrity of a set of shelves.
  • Failure to warn/ labeling defects, where the manufacturer failed to warn of potential dangers or risks while using a product. Examples may include opioid medications that did not warn (or purposely omitted) the risk of addiction, or GM’s failure to recall its vehicle even though they knew their ignition switches were faulty.

How long do you have to file a product liability claim?

Generally, you only have two years to file an injury claim in Georgia, but there are exceptions when it comes to defective products. The Statute of Repose states “No action shall be commenced pursuant to this subsection with respect to an injury after ten years from the date of the first sale for use or consumption of the personal property causing or otherwise bringing about the injury,” which means you must bring the claim within 10 years of your injury for certain types of claims. You should call an Atlanta product liability lawyer as soon as possible to ensure you are not time barred from making a claim for compensation.

Who can bring a product liability claim in Georgia?

Under the law, anyone who is injured by a defective product can bring a product liability claim against a manufacturer – even if you were not the person who originally purchased the product. Because Georgia is a strict liability state, you do not need to prove negligence by the manufacturer to bring a claim. Your claim must show:

  • You were using the product in the way it was intended
  • The product was defective in some way when you were using it
  • That defect led to your injury, or the injury or death of a loved one
  • At the time of its use and your injury, the product was in the same general condition as it was when it left the manufacturer

Verdicts & Settlements

Catastrophic injury - product liability


Death of child - product liability


$47,700,000 (2004)
Sasser v. Ford Motor Company: On June 15, 2000, Kelsey Sasser, age 6, was riding in the rear center seat...


Catastrophic injury - product liability


Serious brain injury - defective automobile seat


Types of product liability cases we handle

Our Georgia product liability attorneys represent classes across Georgia for any type of product defect that causes harm. Some of the main types of cases we pursue are: 

  • Vehicle defects. Vehicle defects can prevent a vehicle from stopping in time, steering correctly, accelerating safely, and other problems that can prevent the driver from properly controlling the vehicle. Bad parts or car design can also fail to minimize physical harm when an accident does happen. We handle cartruckmotorcycle, train, bus, and any type of vehicle defect that causes physical damage or alters lives.
  • Medical devices. Separate from medical malpractice, these cases include recalled medical devices, such as pacemakers, heart stents, defibrillators, defective hip replacements, biomedical products, and other dangerous medical devices.
  • Dangerous prescription drugs. Prescription drugs are given for most every ailment. The drugs are supposed to help patients, not hurt them. Defective drugs can cause death, heart failure, organ damage, depression, and a host of physical and emotional problems. Just stopping the drug is often not enough to correct the problem because the internal damage has already been done. Manufacturers make a fortune off the drugs they sell. They and others in the supply chain deserve to be held accountable when their drugs cause patients harm.
  • Toxic chemicals. These can cause respiratory problems, chemical explosions, burn injuries, neurological damage, and electrocution. Types of toxic chemicals include pesticides, household cleaning products, dangerous environmental products, toxic agents, lead paint, carbon monoxide, and more.
  • Talcum powder products. Talcum powder was already known to harm babies and children if not properly prepared. New cases are now being brought because talcum powder can cause ovarian cancer in women. Class action lawsuits have already started against Johnson & Johnson, a leading talcum powder manufacturer.
  • Aviation product defects. We take on cases that involve malfunctioning airplane engines, plane parts, instruments, and other aviation manufacturing or design defects.
  • Injuries to children. Common product liability cases involving children can include lead paint ingestion, drowning, burn injuries, and hazards such as small parts that can cause choking. We also handle claims involving child car seats, bicycle defects, dangerous four wheelers, ROVs or ATVs, defective guns, escalator injuries, flammable fabrics, toys, and other products that have not been made safe for children.
  • Defective machinery. Personal injury sustained on the job due to an object like a forklift, crane, press, power tool, and/or other construction equipment can be the basis of a product liability complaint.

In addition to filing private complaints, our Atlanta product liability lawyers also file class action lawsuits when many people have been injured or killed by the same product. We have tried cases in both state and federal courts. In one case, we obtained a $40 million-dollar judgment on behalf of a woman and her spouse when the woman was rendered a paraplegic because Ford Motor Company improperly designed her Ford Explorer.

Why are Product Liability Cases so Important to Litigate?

Make an appointment with a leading Atlanta product liability attorney now

At HLM, our Georgia product liability lawyers understand the complexities of product liability litigation. For professional help, please phone our Atlanta office at 404-998-8847 or our Savannah office at 912-417-3774 to schedule a free initial consultation. You can also complete our contact form. We are ready to help you get justice for injuries caused by product defects.

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