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Cerebral Palsy

Atlanta Birth Injury Attorneys Helping Children Born with Cerebral Palsy

Protecting victims of medical negligence in Atlanta, Savannah and throughout Georgia

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in 323 children has cerebral palsy. Over 75% of these cases are spastic cerebral palsy, one of the three subtypes of the disorder. Sadly, there is not a cure for this condition. Children with cerebral palsy usually live with muscle difficulties, coordination problems, developmental delays, and other functional impairments that require long-term care for their entire lives. Cerebral palsy is generally not life-threatening if the person with CP received the proper medical care.

At Harris Lowry Manton LLP, our Atlanta cerebral palsy lawyers work with physicians who can determine what caused your child to develop CP and what the best treatments are. We prepare each case for jury trial but also settle many cases because defense firms and insurance companies are wary of our reputation for highly successful verdicts, including some of the largest verdicts in the state. We demand compensation for the child’s lifetime of physical pain, emotional difficulties, medical bills, lost economic opportunities, and the loss of the enjoyments of life. Our lawyers have obtained numerous multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements in Georgia catastrophic injury cases.

Types of cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy is not a disease. It is a disorder caused by injuries to the brain. Symptoms include problems with coordination, difficulty speaking, poor reflexes, and weak muscles. Muscles may contract too much or not enough. We appreciate that each person’s case is unique. Some children can move fairly well with extensive therapy. Others with CP may be paralyzed for life.

The three types of cerebral palsy are:

  • Ataxic cerebral palsy. Children and adults with CP have problems with depth and balance.
  • Athetoid cerebral palsy. People with athetoid CP have a movement disorder that includes uncontrollable movements and tics.
  • Spastic cerebral palsy. Here, the person has mobility problems because the muscle tissues are tight.

Mixed cerebral palsy is a fourth type of CP. People with mixed CP have a combination of some of the three main types.

How cerebral palsy occurs

Cerebral palsy may be a birth-related injury caused by medical error on the part of the birth doctor, a nurse, a midwife, or the medical center or hospital where the child was born. Some of the many causes an Atlanta, GA cerebral palsy attorney investigates include:

  • Improper monitoring of the fetus
  • Inadequate epidural use
  • Misuse of forceps to guide the baby out of the uterus
  • Improper use of vacuums
  • Not using the drug Pitocin properly
  • Waiting too long to order a Cesarean section
  • Lack of adequate oxygen to the brain (asphyxia)

Children should be monitored for the first year of life. If CP is suspected, parent should see if:

  • The child’s neck supports his or her head
  • The child can crawl straight
  • His or her hands ball into fists

Early treatment is important because a child’s body and brain are fairly resilient. Therapy, medications, and surgery, when swiftly administered, can promote better outcomes and improvements in functioning.

We consult with these and other medical professionals to determine the extent of your child’s condition and the appropriate compensation for treatment expenses:

  • Neurologists
  • Orthopedic doctors
  • Nutritionists
  • Developmental pediatricians
  • Physical, respiratory, speech, and occupational therapists
  • Psychologists

CP is diagnosed through magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT) scans, electroencephalogram (EEG), and ultrasound.

Speak with a caring Georgia CP attorney today

The sooner you contact our firm, the better our Atlanta and Savannah cerebral palsy lawyers can determine what happened before and during your child’s delivery process. Prompt review of your case can also help you get the correct diagnosis and the right treatments for your child. Please call Harris Lowry Manton LLP in Atlanta at 404-961-7650 and in Savannah at 912-651-9967 for a professional review of your child’s case. You can also make an appointment by filling out our contact form. We see patients away from the office when needed.

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