Truck Accidents

Truck Accidents

Atlanta Truck Accident Lawyers

Holding truckers and trucking companies in Georgia responsible for negligence

Every car crash is serious, but truck accidents often prove particularly tragic. Semi-truck accidents typically cause more catastrophic injuries and deaths than other types of vehicle accidents. Due to their sheer size and weight, eighteen-wheelers are capable of causing tremendous destruction. These horrible wrecks occur all too often on the highways and interstates of Georgia.

The lawyers of Harris Lowry Manton LLP have the knowledge and experience to effectively handle truck accident cases. If you or a family member was injured in an accident involving a truck, turn to our experienced Atlanta truck accident lawyers for representation you can trust.

Understanding the complexities of truck accident cases

Truck accidents often prove catastrophic due to the sheer size of the vehicle. Tractor-trailer trucks weigh tons even when empty. When carrying a load, the weight increases even further. Therefore, the impact of a crash is more intense than one involving two cars or average-sized vehicles. In addition, if the vehicle carries hazardous or flammable materials, the risk is even greater.

In addition to the physics involved, many laws and regulations govern the trucking industry. This makes the accident more serious in terms of insurance and legal issues. Our skillful Georgia truck accident attorneys provide effective representation in a variety of truck accident cases, including:

  • Driver fatigue. Truck drivers must follow legal regulations regarding their time on the road. These laws seek to protect the driver and other operators on the highway. When drivers fail to follow these rules, serious accidents can result.
  • Driver distraction. Drivers can be easily distracted when they spend long hours on the road. Fiddling with GPS units, chatting with other drivers and even “highway hypnosis” can cause a driver to stop paying attention to the act of driving.
  • Speeding and negligent behavior. In an attempt to cover enough ground before their federally mandated rest periods, many truck drivers will speed, or engage in other negligent, even risky, behaviors behind the wheel. Speeding is the #1 cause of fatal truck accidents.
  • Poor vehicle maintenance. Truck owners and operators have a duty to maintain these vehicles and keep them in a safe and reasonably operable manner. Failure to meet this duty may place injury liability on multiple parties.
  • Defective truck parts. Faulty or defective truck parts can leave a driver unable to stop in time to prevent an accident, or to lose control of the truck. In these cases, multiple parties may be liable for any injuries you sustain, including the manufacturer of the defective part.

What you should know about blind spots on trucks

Another common cause of truck accidents has to do with blind spots: areas of limited-to-no visibility on large commercial vehicles. Because of how high the seats are, and how long the trailers are, drivers may have limited visibility in the spaces around their vehicles. These blind spots are often cited in cases where backing-up accidents have occurred.

What is important to note, however, is that all drivers and trucking companies are aware of this potential issue and are still responsible for ensuring the safety of their drivers, their cargo, and those who share the road with them. Back-up cameras, lane assist devices, vehicle detection systems, and blind spot mirrors can all help increase a driver’s visibility and decrease the risk of a wreck between the big rig and another object or vehicle. If a driver fails to utilize these systems and tools, he or she could be held liable. The trucking company could be held liable for failing to maintain its fleet (or the one truck) if these systems have been equipped, but need repairs.

Our knowledgeable Atlanta truck accident lawyers have successfully handled the numerous complexities of truck accident cases. We are ready to hold all responsible parties accountable for your injuries.

Why you need an experienced Georgia truck accident lawyer

We have extensive experience in the numerous legal issues surrounding tractor-trailer crashes. Our firm hires accident reconstructionists and medical experts to assist in building a case to maximize the likelihood of prevailing in court. Due to the many laws and regulations within the trucking industry, building a compelling case requires proper documentation and irrefutable evidence. That is why the right trucking accident attorney is vitally important.

To competently handle a lawsuit involving a trucking accident, a lawyer must master the regulations that govern the trucking industry. A case can change dramatically in favor of the plaintiff if the truck driver or trucking company is found to have neglected important safety measures. No matter what the cause of the accident, from auto defects to defective roadways, our firm’s accomplished Atlanta truck accident attorneys know how to proceed.

Do not hesitate to contact a professional Georgia truck accident lawyer

Truck accidents can cause catastrophic or even fatal injuries to those involved. In addition, the resulting legal cases are often complicated and arduous. That is why it is important to be represented by an attorney with the skills to fight for you. The Atlanta truck accident lawyers of HLM diligently work to secure high-value outcomes for clients. Call us now at 404-998-8847  to schedule a free consultation. You can also complete our contact form.

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