Types of Injuries

Types of Injuries

Atlanta Truck Accident Attorneys Represent Victims with an Array of Injuries from Collision with a Tractor-Trailer

Holding appropriate parties responsible for injury victims in Atlanta, Savannah and throughout Georgia

When a vehicle crash involves a tractor-trailer, injuries sustained by any drivers or passengers involved are often substantial, especially for victims riding in smaller vehicles. A car or motorcycle is no match for a truck’s massive weight and size. Accidents with tractor-trailers frequently occur on Georgia highways at high speeds, furthering the damage that can be caused in such a collision.

At Harris Lowry Manton LLP, our Atlanta truck accident attorneys are familiar with the types of injuries most commonly sustained in crashes involving commercial trucks. Our extensive track record for representing injured victims provides us with the ability to effectively represent the interests of individuals who have accumulated medical bills, lost wages, and other costs due to their injuries. We have obtained substantial awards for our clients, including:

  • $11.5+ million verdict for a pregnant woman injured in a collision with a USPS truck
  • $1.8 million settlement for a woman hurt in a commercial truck accident
  • $700,000 settlement for a client who was rear-ended by a commercial truck

HLM is standing by to hold the responsible parties accountable and obtain the compensation you deserve.

Common injuries sustained by Georgia truck accident victims

While the injuries resulting from a truck accident range from minor to severe, the likelihood of catastrophic injury is higher in a collision with a tractor-trailer. Some of the injuries frequently sustained in a Georgia truck accident include:

Death is another tragic consequence of these accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 4,067 people were killed in 2015 in accidents involving a tractor-trailer or other large commercial truck. If your loved one was killed in a truck accident, the compassionate Atlanta truck accident lawyers at HLM are prepared to bring a wrongful death suit for the pain and suffering due to loss of your loved one and any medical or funeral costs associated with his or her death.

Identifying the parties responsible for your injuries

When truck accidents happen, the results can be life altering. It is imperative that victims retain competent legal counsel to pursue just compensation for their injuries. In one case, our Atlanta truck accident lawyers recovered $1,800,000 on behalf of a woman who suffered serious injury in an accident involving extensive medical care and major changes to her earning capacity. In cases like this, no amount of money will return the victim’s life to normal. However, ensuring that medical bills will be covered and lost wages accounted for eases some of the burden for the victim and his or her family.

Depending on the nature of the accident, the responsible parties in a truck crash may include any of the following parties:

  • The driver of the truck
  • The company that employed the driver or owned the truck
  • The manufacturer of the truck and/or its parts

Other liable parties could include state or federal entities responsible for the design and maintenance of the roadway and others.

Let an experienced Georgia truck accident attorney fight on your behalf

At HLM, we believe that pursuing legal recourse for your injuries is about more than just getting compensation. Of course, ensuring that the costs incurred from medical bills, lost work time, and pain and suffering is paramount. However, holding the negligent parties accountable is the primary way to hold truck drivers and companies responsible for fulfilling their obligations to minimize the risk massive tractor trailers pose on the Georgia roadways. If you or a loved one has been injured in a tractor-trailer crash, contact our Atlanta truck accident attorneys today. We can be reached through our contact form, or by calling our Atlanta office at 404-998-8847 or our Savannah office at 912-417-3774. Your first consultation is free.

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