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Defective Bike Parts

Defective Motorcycle Injury Lawyers

Atlanta Motorcycle Injury Lawyers Handling Claims for Defective Parts

Skilled representation for rides and families in Atlanta, Savannah and throughout Georgia

It is the duty of the manufacturer of motorcycles and motorcycle parts to design products that will not fail when the driver uses them. Manufacturers are strictly liable for the parts they design, install, and sell. This means if the bike part is defective and the defect causes the operator or passenger to die or suffer any injury, the manufacturer is liable. There is no need for the victim or the victim’s family to prove negligence. The duty to make safe parts extends to anyone who sells the motorcycle, including the store where you purchased it.

The Atlanta defective motorcycle lawyers at Harris Lowry Manton LLP are highly respected by defense attorneys and insurance adjustors for their ability to win product liability cases and to make the responsible businesses pay for all the harm they cause. For example, in Mundy vs. Ford Motor Company, we obtained a $40 million verdict on behalf of a woman and her husband when a shift lever on her car malfunctioned and fractured the woman’s spine, rendering her paraplegic. The same legal principles that apply in a car defect case also apply in motorcycle defective parts cases.

Proving the motorcycle part was defective

The makers of the bike parts can hire product experts, engineers, and testing professionals to determine if their products are safe. It is for this reason that manufacturers are held strictly liable for defective parts. A product is defective if there is:

  • A faulty design. The manufacturer should understand how each part works with other parts of the motorcycle. The parts should be designed to work under stress and in emergency standards. Parts should comply with the industry design standards. Parts should be made to work with different motorcycle types.
  • An improper manufacture. The makers of the motorcycle parts must use quality materials. The metals and other ingredients should be the right material for the right part. Cheap parts save money but take lives.
  • Unclear instructions and failures to warn. The instructions should make clear to everyone involved how to operate the part, what the risks and dangers are, and when parts cannot be used with other parts. Warnings should be easy to read and understand.

Lawsuits against manufacturers, distributors, and retailers are not limited to product liability claims. Our Savannah defective motorcycle parts lawyers bring claims on behalf of injured riders and the families of riders who were tragically killed, using the following legal theories:

  • Negligence
  • Breach of implied warranties
  • Breach of express warranties

We work with product safety experts who understand the industry norms, when products may have been subject to a recall, when substandard parts were used, and why the defective part caused the motorcycle to crash.

Types of motorcycle parts that may be defective

Some of the parts of a motorcycle that may cause a driver to lose control include defects to:

  • The steering system
  • The brakes
  • The electrical components
  • The engine and throttle
  • The tires
  • The handlebars
  • The fuel systems

Helmets, goggles, and other safety gear can also fail at the most crucial time.

Speak with a knowledgeable Georgia product liability attorney today

Protect your rights. An experienced Atlanta motorcycle product liability lawyer understands that it is essential for the motorcycle part to be examined as quickly as possible to determine why it was defective and if the defect caused the crash. At HLM, we have won many jury trials because we thoroughly prepare the case from the start by conducting discovery of every fact, gathering all the essential evidence, and speaking to every witness. To schedule a free consultation, please call us in Atlanta at 404-998-8847 or in Savannah at 912-417-3774. You can also reach us through our contact form.

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