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Georgia Legislators Are Coming After Your Right to Sue Trucking Companies

Georgia Legislators Are Coming After Your Right to Sue Trucking CompaniesBeing able to file a lawsuit against a trucking company, and its insurance, after sustaining injuries in a truck accident is crucial for ensuring comprehensive compensation and holding all responsible parties accountable. This approach allows you to seek justice for your injuries and damages by pursuing claims against those directly involved in the accident and the insurance company that covers the liability. Having a skilled Atlanta truck accident attorney by your side is essential in navigating the legal complexities of such cases. With their experience, you can maximize your chances of receiving fair restitution that covers the physical, emotional, and financial repercussions of the accident.

Unfortunately, a new law has been proposed that will likely limit how much compensation you can receive for your catastrophic injuries, pain, and suffering caused by a truck accident. This law has not been passed by the Georgia Legislature yet, but if this law does one day pass, it will become more complex and stressful experience to receive the restitution you deserve in a trucking accident. As the injured victim of an accident that someone else caused, this is not what you deserve.

What is the Trucking Opportunity Act of 2023?

Senator Jason Anavitarte (R-Dallas) introduced the Trucking Opportunity Act of 2023 in Georgia. It aims to prevent injured individuals and their families from suing insurance companies and trucking companies simultaneously. This bill would make it more difficult for individuals to seek appropriate compensation for their injuries and damages. Without the option to include insurance companies in the lawsuits, the potential for significant financial recovery could be reduced.

Thankfully, the bill did not pass in the Georgia House of Representatives, but it did pass in the Senate, which means that we will likely see this bill again. We’re hopeful that it will never pass, but it is important to know what laws are trying to be passed and what effect they could have on you.

The cost of a truck accident

Victims of truck accidents deserve every penny they get from a successful verdict. According to the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2021 alone, Georgia saw 245 large trucks involved in fatal accidents. The NHTSA also reports that fatalities involving at least one large truck increased by 13% in 2021 compared to the previous year.

Hundreds of families suffer every year due to truck accidents. From losing loved ones or suffering catastrophic injuries that change their lives forever, these victims deserve full compensation for the pain, suffering, and financial loss they must endure.

While no amount of money can ever truly make up for a loss, there are consequences of an accident that have serious monetary costs. The NHTSA estimates that “the average cost of a large truck crash involving a fatality is $3.6 million per crash. A crash with injuries costs almost $200,000 per crash.” We find this estimate to be on the cautious side, as we have represented clients for whom we have secured awards for far more. These awards aren’t simply about paying for the damage to their vehicle or hospital bills. The life-changing injuries these accidents cause cannot be accurately determined. What price does the loss of joy a grandmother experiences hold after she suffers permanent injuries from a collision with a truck? She had previously loved playing and swimming with her grandchildren, and now she no longer can. How much is enough to make up for that?

As you can see, trying to hinder the process of filing a lawsuit against the liable parties and inhibit the compensation a victim can receive is cruel toward the victims. It thinks only of the monetary value of the trucking companies, which we assure you have plenty of money to spare. If they genuinely wish to save money, they should take better steps to make their trucks and truck drivers safe.

Truck accidents can result in severe injuries, and the subsequent legal proceedings are often intricate and challenging. That’s why having the ability to file a lawsuit against trucking companies and their insurance is crucial. It ensures that responsible parties are held accountable for the damages caused. It’s important to have legal representation from adept attorneys to navigate these complexities. At Harris Lowry Manton LLP, our truck accident attorneys are dedicated to advocating for our clients and striving to secure substantial awards that reflect the true value of our cases.

To schedule a free consultation, call us in Atlanta or use our contact page. We want to fight for you to receive the full compensation you deserve.

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