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Nursing Homes

Protecting Your Loved Ones from Sexual Abuse in Georgia Nursing Homes

In March of 2017, CNN published a disturbing report about sexual abuse in nursing homes. The investigatory piece chronicled years of alleged and reported abuse by a man named George Kpingbah, a 76-year-old nursing assistant at a Minneapolis nursing home. In the course of their overall research, CNN discovered that “More than 16,000 complaints of…

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Investigation Exposes the Prevalence of Sexual Abuse in Nursing Homes

A recent investigation by CNN highlights the prevalence of sexual abuse within our country’s nursing homes and the failure of responsible officials to adequately address this shocking issue. According to the Centers for Disease Control, there were approximately 15,600 nursing homes nationwide in 2014. Collectively, these homes provided about 1.7 million beds to elderly residents.…

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Nursing Home Mistreatment: Know the Signs of Elder Abuse

Millions of elderly individuals reside in nursing homes across the country. Oftentimes, family members do not have the resources to adequately care for the older family members and must place them in the care of a nursing home. It should be expected that these individuals would be treated with the utmost respect and care in…

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