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January Saw a LOT of Vehicle Recalls

As attorneys with some of the most substantial auto defect verdicts and settlements in Georgia’s history, any story about defective car parts is interesting to us. However, the sheer number of stories and press releases about vehicle defects we’ve seen this yearis disconcerting. According to a January 16, 2024 article in USA Today, the following…

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Defective CVA Paramount Long-Range Muzzleloaders Can Explode, Causing Injury

Connecticut Valley Arms, better known as CVA, recently ceased production on its Paramount long-range rifles because of supply issues for Blackhorn 209 powder. The powder, however, should be the least of CVA’s concerns. Harris Lowry Manton LLP is currently representing clients whose CVA Paramount muzzleloaders have exploded, causing serious injury and harm. If you or…

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Potential Class Action Lawsuit Says Mattress Is a Health Hazard

A consumer who allegedly had to spend months in a hotel after her home was contaminated by fiberglass is leading a proposed class action lawsuit against Zinus, the manufacturer of the popular and affordable Green Tea Mattress. The Zinus queen-sized Green Tea memory foam mattress retails for slightly over $300 on Amazon, where over 130,000…

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NHTSA Data Raises Safety Concerns for Tesla and Other Autonomous Vehicles

Advanced automated vehicle technologies hold out the promise of increasing driver and roadway safety by helping limit driver error. Commonly known driver-assist technologies such as automatic braking, backup cameras, and lane or blind spot warning systems are already used in vehicles driven by people in Atlanta, Savannah, and throughout Georgia. Even though those technologies are…

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Deadly, Faulty Bed Rails Recalled for Entrapment Risk

There is perhaps no place we feel safer than our beds. Even for those who have a difficult time getting in or out of bed, there are plenty of options for easily installed portable bed rails, so our beds are a place of comfort and relaxation. Or rather, they should be. Unfortunately, some people who…

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