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Can You File a Lawsuit if Your Loved One Is Declared “Legally Dead”?

Most legal determinations of death are made by medical professionals who pronounce death when specific criteria are met. However, the lines between clinical diagnoses and legal classifications can sometimes be fuzzy. While a health care professional makes a clinical diagnosis for medical purposes, clinical diagnoses can also be used to aid in legal classifications. For example,…

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Can Multiple Family Members Claim Wrongful Death Benefits?

When a family member dies, the surviving family members are obviously distraught, and emotions can run high. If the person was lost due to another person’s negligence, issues involving wrongful death benefits could aggravate an already tense situation among the surviving family members. What is a wrongful death claim? A claim for wrongful death is…

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What Are the Leading Causes of Wrongful Death for Teenagers?

It is the worst call a parent can imagine. A hospital, the police, or another authority phones to report that your teenager has been killed. In an instant, your dreams are shattered. In an instant, you are thinking double thoughts. For every memory of your child’s first words, first day of school, first car, first…

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A Mother’s Tragic Warning About Boats & Carbon Monoxide

The state of Georgia and its many parks offer a variety of waterways and lakes for boating and other recreational activities. However, boating can be dangerous and cause serious accidents and injuries. Although most people don’t think about carbon monoxide poisoning as a boating risk, an Oklahoma mother is sounding the alarm after losing her…

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What Is a Wrongful Death Claim?

When you send a loved one out into the world every morning, you just take it for granted that you’ll see them come through the door again at the end of the day. You know the world is a dangerous place, but you and your family members take precautions and don’t put yourselves into risky…

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Tragic Death of 20-Year-Old Construction Worker in Savannah Highlights Safety Issues, Options for Seeking Justice

On January 6, Daniel Blackmore, a 20-year-old construction worker in Savannah, Georgia was killed at a construction site near President Street at 100 SeaPoint Boulevard after being crushed by a piece of heavy equipment weighing about 11 tons. About a dozen members of the Savannah Fire Department, as well as a crane operator, removed Daniel…

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