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What Are Grade Crossing Railroad Accidents?

Most people do not give much thought to the possibility of a train accident – particularly if they are traveling in a motor vehicle rather than in a train. However, this is a luxury that drivers in Georgia cannot afford. Based on preliminary 2023 data compiled by the United States Department of Transportation Federal Railroad…

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Savannah’s About to Be a Safer Place for Pedestrians and Drivers

Chatham County is poised to receive significant funding to tackle railroad crossing congestion, a long-standing concern for residents and commuters, made possible by federal support from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. According to the Savannah Morning News, the project’s initial phase, focused on planning and development, will receive a total investment of $4.67 million. This funding…

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What Are the Leading Causes of Train Accidents in Savannah?

Train accidents can have serious consequences, impacting not just the people directly involved but also the surrounding community. Whether it’s due to human error, missing signage, mechanical issues, or other factors, these accidents can lead to severe injuries and financial hardships. When you’re up against the train companies or even the government, filing a lawsuit…

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Train/Car Collisions Have Deadly Consequences

When a road intersects with a railroad track at the same level, this is known as a grade (or level) crossing. Before legislation passed during the 1990s to make grade crossings safer, most railroad accidents happened at these spots when cars attempted to drive over the tracks, only to collide with a train. Although more…

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Over 50 Injured, Three Killed in Amtrak Train Derailment

An Amtrak train derailed on Saturday in Montana, killing at least three passengers and injuring over 50, according to authorities. The westbound train, traveling from Chicago to Seattle, left the tracks around 4:00pm Saturday near the small town of Joplin. Eight of the 10 passenger cars derailed, with some tipping completely over onto their sides.…

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30 CSX Rail Cars Derail in Macon County, Georgia

On November 17, 2018, more than two dozen CSX railroad cars derailed in Byromville, Georgia, about 50 miles south of Macon. Many of the cars actually tumbled off an overpass onto a highway, causing an evacuation and a traffic nightmare in the small town – but no injuries, according to the Associate Press. Thirty cars…

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