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Who Is Liable in a Multi-Car Accident in Georgia?

When one car crashes into another, it’s often easy to determine who was at fault for the accident. But what happens when you are involved in an auto accident with more than two cars? Who is liable often becomes murky, and there are many variables to consider. It is even possible that more than one…

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The High(er) Risks of Multi-Vehicle Crashes

The majority of car crashes in the country involve only a single vehicle. When those crashes are fatal, determining the ultimate cause of the wreck can be difficult. When two vehicles are involved, the situation becomes much more complex; even with video evidence, there are now at least two versions of events and many more…

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Fall and Winter Are Dangerous Seasons for Georgia Drivers

The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) maintains comprehensive records about all reported crashes that occur in the state. When a crash is reported to the authorities, a significant amount of information is recorded and stored. This includes (but is not limited to) details about all persons involved, road and weather conditions, vehicle descriptions and even…

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Road Rage Sweeps Georgia

Most of us have experienced buying a new car with a bold color that feels new and exciting. Suddenly, your world is filled with cherry red or electric blue vehicles. There was no actual increase in the number of red cars or blue trucks on the road – you simply became more aware of the…

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How to Stay Safe on Georgia Highways

Each of us has a responsibility to observe the rules of the road. However, while you can take steps to minimize the risks of causing an accident, there are circumstances that will always be outside your ability to control. Driver errors, mechanical failures, and sudden changes can and do happen in an instant. In 2019,…

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Where Most Fatal Car Accidents for Children and Teenagers Happen

Over the last fifteen years, more than 70,000 children and teenagers died in car crashes in the U.S. These are disturbing numbers. This age group is disproportionately represented in fatal car crashes across the country, and Georgia is no exception. Studies have repeatedly shown that crash rates decrease steadily as driver age increases; there is…

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