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Words Matter When It Comes to Safety of Autonomous Vehicles

The phrase “self-driving car” may conjure the ability to check email, read, get some work done, or even indulge in a morning coffee and bagel, all while safely riding to work. It’s a dream come true to get some of that time back every day, especially for workers with long commutes. Unfortunately, that terminology is…

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Who’s at Fault in a Parking Lot or Parking Garage Crash?

Parking lots can offer some of the most chaotic driving situations you’ll ever encounter – if you’ve gone shopping on Black Friday, you know what we mean. Even with a low speed limit, accidents in parking lots and parking garages can end in tragedy, especially for pedestrians and small children. Whether it’s a parking lot…

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Could Injuries Be Reduced by Moving to Autonomous Vehicles?

The technology for self-driving vehicles has advanced to the point that they’ve finally made it onto the roadways in certain cities. This approval is still conditional despite all the progress that’s been made. The primary reason is that it is tough for safety experts to resign themselves to the notion that we might be able…

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Why Intersections Are at the Root of So Many Collisions

Intersections, where several streets or road come together, tend to be the scene of many motor vehicle accidents. Increased traffic congestion, multiple signage, distracted drivers, pedestrians and cyclists – all of these factors can add to the risk of a collision and injuries. No matter what the reason for the crash, statistics show that a…

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A Fiery Van Rollover in Atlanta Led to Six Deaths and 10 Injuries

On Saturday, a van carrying 16 people burst into flames on I-85 in Gwinnett County. An investigation is currently underway as to what caused the van to rollover and burst into flames. WSB-TV Atlanta reports that investigators believe another vehicle may have been involved, and FOX 5 Atlanta confirms that report, saying witnesses at the…

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Why Is There a Car in My Living Room?

You never really think about it until it happens to you. You’re sitting there enjoying a quiet evening at home and then, out of nowhere, chaos strikes. There’s a loud crash and suddenly part of your home appears to have become part of a movie stunt, only the car crashing through your wall wasn’t part…

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