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Legal Matters

Have You Subscribed to the Great Trials Podcast Yet?

If television and films tell us anything, it is that people are fascinated by the jury trial process. For example: The television show “Law & Order” ran for 20 years. There are dozens of daytime court shows on TV. Julia Roberts won an Oscar for her work in Erin Brockovich. To Kill a Mockingbird is…

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Another Boeing 737 MAX 8 Crash Kills 157 People

On Sunday, March 10, a Boeing 737 MAX 8 plane crashed minutes after takeoff, killing all 157 people onboard. The jet was leaving Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, headed for Nairobi, when “the jetliner’s pilot reported an unspecified problem with the plane and asked to return to the Ethiopian capital’s Bole International Airport. Six minutes after…

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Johnson & Johnson Knew about Asbestos in Its Baby Powder

The manufacturing giant Johnson & Johnson (J&J) has been the subject of numerous product liability lawsuits in recent years. The latest lawsuits have alleged that the company’s world-famous Baby Powder and feminine hygiene product, Shower to Shower, have contained asbestos, which caused consumers to develop cancer. Despite numerous multi-million-dollar verdicts against the company, J&J continues…

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Why Airbags in Some GM Vehicles May Not Deploy in a Car Accident

General Motors (GM) has been under intense scrutiny for years now because of the company’s defective ignition switches. Much of the focus has been on how the ignition switches can fail, causing cars to stall, even when the vehicle is driving at high speeds. However, there was a second potential problem with the ignition switch…

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Who Is Liable for Errors Involving Drug Prescriptions?

Prescription drugs can help patients find relief from a wide variety of illnesses. The assumption is often made that a pharmaceutical drug, when prescribed, is safe for use. However, this is not always the case. In fact, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) receives over 100,000 reports each year related to potential medication errors.…

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Polaris Recalls Recreational Off-Road Vehicles Due to Fire Hazard

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Polaris, manufacturer of recreational off-road vehicles (ROVs), released a joint statement in December 2017 warning the public about the danger of the popular vehicles catching fire. A year later, the danger still exists and many of the Polaris ROV models that were catching fire were not part of…

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30 CSX Rail Cars Derail in Macon County, Georgia

On November 17, 2018, more than two dozen CSX railroad cars derailed in Byromville, Georgia, about 50 miles south of Macon. Many of the cars actually tumbled off an overpass onto a highway, causing an evacuation and a traffic nightmare in the small town – but no injuries, according to the Associate Press. Thirty cars…

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Mystery Medicine – Where Do Your Prescriptions Really Come From?

Some people need medications for short-term conditions, like antibiotics for an infection. Others need prescriptions for longer-term conditions, like high blood pressure. Either way, patients rely on pharmaceuticals to keep them healthy. Unfortunately, there are times when medicine may not help at all – or could even make patients sicker. Health officials and safety experts…

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68 People Injured After Dropless Cataract Surgery

At least 68 people have suffered blindness after undergoing cataract surgery, in which a harmful drug was given during the procedure. Numerous residents in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area are currently suffering from retinal damage after receiving this toxic substance during cataract surgeries performed between late 2016 and early 2017. The eye surgery centers where…

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