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What Is the Long-Term Impact of Catastrophic Injuries?

What Is the Long-Term Impact of Catastrophic Injuries?Catastrophic injuries can have a profound and lasting impact on individuals, dramatically altering their lifestyle. From the physical and emotional toll to the long-term lifestyle adjustments, and the rehabilitation process, these injuries pose numerous challenges that demand attention and support.

What are examples of common catastrophic injuries?

Catastrophic injuries often result in permanent disabilities. To get a clearer sense of the profound implications of this level of injury, below are the injury types commonly referred to as catastrophic injuries:

Spinal cord injuries (SCIs): SCIs are the most severe type of spinal injury, often occurring when the spinal cord is compressed, crushed, or even severed. SCIs can result in partial or complete loss of motor function and sensation below the injury site, and barring medical intervention, these injuries are permanent.

Atlanta car accidents are a significant cause of all types of injuries, including those to the spinal cord. In our ever-growing city, construction workers, who work around heavy machinery and/or work from heights, are susceptible to spinal cord injuries. Falls from heights, workplace accidents, and other premises liability hazards pose risks to our construction workers and others.

Traumatic brain injury (TBI): These injuries occur when a forceful impact disrupts the brain’s normal functioning. The cushioning mechanism between the brain and skull is called the subarachnoid space. Its purpose is to protect your brain against sudden impacts and all of the negative consequences of TBI.

A strong enough direct blow or the abrupt back-and-forth motion of the neck during whiplash can break through the protective cushioning of the subarachnoid space, resulting in brain trauma. TBI severity varies from mild to severe, with potential lifelong complications. Even seemingly minor TBI symptoms can result in permanent damage if untreated. Moreover, individuals with a history of TBI are more susceptible to future traumas and its associated physical and cognitive disabilities.

Crushing injuries: These incidents occur in various scenarios and are most common on construction sites. Construction site injuries are caused by a range of problems from collapsed structures, heavy equipment accidents, and falling objects. These profound physical impacts can lead to fractures or splintering of bone, resulting in limb loss, spinal cord injuries and TBIs. Improper safety practices or equipment malfunctions can cause workers to be caught or crushed, resulting in amputations and severe contusions.

Burn injuries: Burn injuries often require multiple surgeries, skin grafts, and extensive rehabilitation. Beyond a severe burn’s associated physical pain, emotional trauma resulting from burn injuries can lead to long-term psychological issues, necessitating therapy for anxiety, depression, and/or post-traumatic stress disorder. It is important for a dedicated personal injury attorney to inform the jury about the realistic possibility of long-term care and follow up procedures associated with these types of catastrophic injuries.

These physical impairments and their associated physical limitations are life altering. Be sure you fight for every bit of compensation you are entitled to by getting a good lawyer.

What is the general treatment process for catastrophic injuries?

In Atlanta, the treatment approach for any catastrophic injury should typically involve a case-specific combination of the following treatments:

  • Medication: Commonly prescribed medications for catastrophic injuries include pain relievers, anti-inflammatory drugs, anticonvulsants and antidepressants depending on the emotional health of the victim after their accident.
  • Surgery: Depending on the exact nature of your injuries, surgical intervention may be required.
  • Physical therapy (PT): PT plays a crucial role in helping patients manage pain and/or regain functionality. While not all injuries have a physical solution, PT will help victims optimize and maintain their body.
  • Occupational therapy (OT): OT focuses on restoring daily functioning and may involve the use of adaptive tools (high-shelf-grabbing-tongs) and techniques to manage pain throughout everyday activities.
  • Psychological support: Psychological support, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and counseling, can be instrumental in helping patients cope with the emotional and psychological impact of their catastrophic injuries and the long-term lifestyle effects they may experience.

It is essential to consider that the cost of treating catastrophic injuries can vary depending on the severity of the condition and the specific treatment plan. All of the above listed medical expenses will grow to be quite costly over time.

What lifestyle changes are associated with catastrophic injuries?

An injured person’s OT will help victims navigate lifestyle adjustments as the recovery process begins. Modifying living spaces will improve accessibility, obtaining assistive devices and technology will help individuals bring a level of normalcy back to their lives.

As a bustling metropolis, Atlanta city life poses many challenges for individuals who have suffered catastrophic injuries. Navigating the city’s streets, buildings and public spaces can be arduous, which further compounds the physical and emotional toll on those affected. Atlanta has witnessed efforts to enhance accessibility, such as the incorporation of ramps, elevators, and wider doorways in public spaces.

However, the unfortunate reality is that victims will have to provide for much of their own accessibility, as the infrastructure is not fully fit for those with physical impairments. With this costly expense that may persist for the victim’s lifetime, individuals who have suffered catastrophic injuries should have strong and experienced legal counsel on their side. The trusted team at Harris Lowry Manton have a track record to prove that they are the right choice to defend your rights after your accident. See our testimonials for reports directly from your Atlanta neighbors.

If you have suffered a catastrophic injury due to the negligence of an individual or a property owner seek the Atlanta personal injury attorneys at Harris Lowry Manton. Call or contact us today.

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