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What You Need To Know About Tire Failures

At best, a poorly made tire just goes flat and causes delay. But tires with design or manufacturing defects can result in death or catastrophic injuries. The problem is often poor adhesion in between layers of the tire. The tread comes off. Drivers lose control and wreck. Summer heat can boost this process because high temperatures cause the tire pressure to drop. Then, the tire’s structure destabilizes and its layers shred.

Harris Lowry Manton founding partner Jeff Harris offers suggestions on what to do if a tire fails. HLM has handled a large number of defective tire cases and secured one of the largest verdicts on record in the state for tire failure litigation. The press interviewed the widow of a man who died in one such tragic event and how HLM was able to help. A written account of the case, Chhetri v. Michelin, provides more details of the event.

HLM attorneys have successfully resolved hundreds of product defects cases, many of them stemming from defective tires. For more information about our product defects work, please see our product liability page.

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