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Fire and Burn Injuries Lead to Recalls of Paradise Grills

Fire and Burn Injuries Lead to Recalls of Paradise GrillsThe year-round warm weather in Georgia makes the state a great place to barbecue and cook food outdoors in the sun. While everyone hopes their backyard grilling adventures only include great tasting BBQ, grilling can be dangerous as shown by the recalls of many Paradise Grills Outdoor Kitchen models.

The recall was made on February 16, 2023, and includes the following Paradise Grills First Generation Outdoor Kitchens models, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission:

  • Paradise Grills GX4 Outdoor Kitchen;
  • Paradise Grills GX6 Outdoor Kitchen;
  • Paradise Grills GX8 Outdoor Kitchen;
  • Paradise Grills GX9 Outdoor Kitchen;
  • Paradise Grills Tahiti Outdoor Kitchen;
  • Paradise Grills GX10/12 Outdoor Kitchen; and
  • Paradise Grills Aruba 6 Outdoor Kitchen.

Other models include GX4, GX7, GX11, and GX14 Outdoor Kitchen models, along with Fiji, Tropicana, and Aruba 8 modes. For consumers trying to identify their model of Paradise Grill, the model name is listed on the sales agreement.

The grills can have numerous features, including access doors, optional side burners, refrigerators, drawers, stereo systems,  TVs, and bar stools depending on the make and model. Other features include sinks, LED lighting, Tiki Huts, commercial grade grills, and granite.

Overall, about 18,000 grills were recalled. So far Paradise Grills has received two reports of grills exploding, causing consumers to suffer severe burn injuries.

The recall was issued by the manufacturer, Paradise Grilling Systems, Inc. of Ocoee, Florida under recall number 23-126.

Why was the recall necessary?

The grills are considered dangerous because “Liquid propane (LP) gas can accumulate inside the closed lid and cabinets, causing an explosion when the user relights the grill, posing fire and burn hazards to the user.” U.S. Consumer Product Safety Recall.

What should consumers do if they have a recalled grill model?

Any consumer with a recalled model should not use the grill any further. Consumers may receive a 16” x 4” stainless steel vent to be installed on their model. For more information, consumers can contact Paradise Grills at 800-604-2023 during regular business hours, email the manufacturer at, or online at or and click on “Safety Recall”.

The recall notice states that consumers in Georgia (and several other southern states) should “immediately contact Paradise Grills to schedule a date for completion of their free repair, which will include a new vent and the repair labor.” Consumers in other states will be shipped their vents, along with installation instructions and reimbursement for the cost of installation by a qualified professional or technician.

Paradise Grills is contacting all known purchasers directly. The company will need your invoice or billing statement (confirming payment) to be compensated for the installation service.

The grills were sold at various Paradise Grills’ showrooms and at various consumer trade shows (e.g., home, boat, and RV) between January 2009 through December 2020 for between $4,000 and $15,000.

Why are grills so dangerous?

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), seven out of 10 adults in the US have a grill or a smoker. While these numbers make for a lot of delicious meals, there’s an increased risk of home fires. “In 2014-2018, fire departments went to an annual average of 8,900 home fires involving grills, hibachis or barbecues per year, including 3,900 structure fires and 4,900 outside or unclassified fires.”

Common causes of grill fires include leaks, broken equipment, and proximity to flammable items. The NFPA also notes that 84% of the grills involved in home fires were gas-fueled, as opposed to charcoal, wood, or another solid source.

When using any grill outside, the Hearth, Patio, and Barbecue Association recommends that users:

  • Read the owner’s manual.
  • Only use gas grills outside, otherwise the carbon monoxide could kill you.
  • Check the grills before each use and clean the grills after each use.
  • Use the grills in well-ventilated areas away from any dry leaves, buildings, overhead combustible surfaces, or other combustible materials.
  • Make sure the grill is stable.
  • Ground any electrical components in compliance with local codes.
  • Use long-handled tools when interacting with food while grilling to avoid splatters and burns.
  • Wear safe clothing – for example, your clothing shouldn’t have any loose ends that could catch fire.
  • Keep the flames from the grill under control.
  • Be ready to extinguish any fire: “Use baking soda to control a grease fire and have a fire extinguisher handy. A bucket of sand or a garden hose should be near if you don’t have a commercial extinguisher.”
  • Consider using a splatter mat or a grill pad beneath your grill.
  • Keep everyone away from a hot grill, especially children and pets.
  • Refrain from moving a grill while it’s hot.

What can I do if a defective grill causes burns or other injuries?

Manufacturers have a duty to ensure the safety of their products. Manufacturers success from the sale of their products is based on the trust consumers place in them that they have done everything necessary to make their products safe for consumers to use. If a product you bought is defective, that defect causes an accident, and the accident causes injuries, you may have a claim against the manufacturer for your injuries or the death of a loved one. Additionally, even if the product is not defective but the manufacturer failed to warn of a danger associated with the product that the manufacturer knew about, you may have a claim against the manufacturer.

For example, you may have a product liability claim against a manufacturer if a grill is defective because it may explode, and any explosion that does occur causes burn injuries or other injuries.

You should contact our experienced Atlanta product liability lawyers as soon as possible if you or a loved one suffers an injury from a product so we can have our professional product safety experts examine the product and explain your rights.

At Harris Lowry Manton LLP, our Atlanta product liability lawyers are skilled at handling all types of product liability cases including grill parts, auto parts, aviation parts, medical devices, medications, chemicals, machinery, and products designed for children. To speak with our respected personal injury lawyers, call us or complete our contact form to schedule a free consultation.

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