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Posts by Stephen G. Lowry

Broker and Shipper Liability in Truck Accidents

A broker, or third-party logistics provider (3PL), is a company that offers logistics services around shipping operations. A 3PL may provide a single service or an entire bundle of services involving supply chain management. This means the 3PL company may not actually haul loads of cargo itself, but instead contract with motor carriers to have…

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Liability for Non-Traumatic Brain Injuries

When we hear about brain injuries, we typically think of blows to the head, as commonly happen in car accidents, assaults or other severe physical trauma. However, not all brain injuries are caused by a violent external force to the head. Many result from non-traumatic causes, like medical errors, lack of oxygen to the brain,…

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Could Federal Paid Maternity Leave Help Protect Mothers?

When USA TODAY’s explosive expose on the dangers (and frequency) of postpartum hemorrhage and preeclampsia first broke, several states took action to address those concerns. What states have continued to neglect, however, are the number of other factors that contribute to the rise in maternal mortality rates. A 2018 analysis by Harvard Medical School obstetrics,…

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Low-Speed Collisions and Concussions

One of the most common types of car accidents here in Georgia and across the country are rear-end crashes. These can happen for just about any reason, in any weather and at any speed. However, we want to focus on low-speed collisions. Many people – and insurance companies – think that a low-speed accident means…

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Are Self Driving Cars a Good Idea?

Because cell phones have made us accessible 24 hours a day, it has become more difficult to disconnect from work or other obligations. On the other hand, you can now open an app from 300 miles away to see the stranger standing outside your front door, and newer refrigerators give you the ability to order…

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Time is of the Essence in Georgia Birth Injury Claims

Although most babies in Georgia and across the United States are delivered without problems, in some situations birth injuries can occur. If it happens to you and your family, you understand the emotional and financial devastation this brings. Birth injuries may cause a lifetime of medical issues that can cost thousands of dollars a month…

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