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Chevy and Buick Engine Defects May Lead to Serious Injuries or Deaths

Chevy and Buick Engine Defects May Lead to Serious Injuries or DeathsGeneral Motors (“GM”) may be facing multiple class action lawsuits related to engine defects reported in different Chevy and Buick models manufactured by GM. Consider the Consumer, a website created by journalists who are “dedicated to exposing consumer fraud, promoting consumer safety, and discouraging unfair deceptive practices,” recently reported that the following makes and models have engines which lose power for no reason:

  • Buick LaCrosse (2017-2018)
  • Buick Regal (2018)
  • Chevrolet (“Chevy”) Malibu (2016-2019)

Has GM issued a recall of the defective Chevys and Buicks?

No, they have not. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (“NHTSA”) lists no current recalls for any of the Chevy or Buick models suffering loss of power. However, NHTSA shows multiple complaints and other recalls for all three affected models.

Why is loss of engine power dangerous?

Loss of engine power can lead to sudden deceleration, loss of throttle control, and failure of the accelerator’s sensor. Because these effects can be experienced at any time, including while drivers are on highways or traveling at high speeds, the result is a potentially deadly hazard for drivers, passengers, and others on the road.

If your car suddenly loses power or slows down while you are traveling, you can be critically injured if you are rear-ended, side-swiped, or caught up in a multi-vehicle wreck.

What can you do if you were hurt in a crash resulting from a loss of engine power?

If you suffered a loss of engine power which led to a collision, and you sustained injuries as a result of that collision, you can make a claim for damages against the manufacturer, seller, designer, and/or distributor of the vehicle in a product liability lawsuit. Under Georgia law, you can potentially hold GM liable for any injuries you sustain from one of its products provided that:

  • You were using the product as intended
  • The product was defective at the time you were using it
  • The product was in the same general condition when it was being used as it was when it left the manufacturer
  • That defect caused you injury, or caused the injury or death of your loved one

The experienced lawyers at Harris Lowry Manton LLP can help you file a product liability lawsuit against GM if the defective engine was the cause of the crash and your injuries. We have secured tens of millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements against global and national car and auto part manufacturers on behalf of our clients, including:

  • $47 million for a defective seat back which led to a permanent spinal injury in a young girl (Sasser v. Ford Motor Company)
  • $40 million for a defective gear shifter which led to permanent paralysis (Mundy v. Ford Motor Company)
  • $16.5 million for the family of a man who died because a defective tire caused a fatal rollover crash (Chhetri v. Michelin)
  • $10.6 million for a catastrophic rollover crash (Zakrocki v. Ford Motor Company)
  • $4.5 million for a defective brake shift interlock which led to the death of a child (Hamby v. Chrysler)

If a defective vehicle part is the cause of your injuries, we want to help. We will investigate the scene of the collision, work with field experts to analyze the cause of the crash, identify the product defect, and review your medical history and record to build a complete picture of the effects of your injuries.

Do you qualify to join a class action lawsuit against GM?

If you own or lease one of the affected vehicles and have experienced a loss of engine power, you could qualify to join the class action lawsuit.

If you suffered a loss of engine power which led to a collision and you sustained injuries as a result of that collision, joining the class action may not be your best option. Class action lawsuits cannot help you recover compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, property damage, or pain and suffering. Contact Harris Lowry Manton LLP today to schedule a free consultation; we can discuss your best path forward.

Harris Lowry Manton LLP represents injured clients throughout Georgia. If you were hurt in a collision involving a defective engine in a Buick, Chevy, or any vehicle, let us help you. Please call our office in Atlanta at 404-998-8847, our Savannah office at 912-417-3774, or fill out our contact form to tell us your story.




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