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Deadly, Faulty Bed Rails Recalled for Entrapment Risk

There is perhaps no place we feel safer than our beds. Even for those who have a difficult time getting in or out of bed, there are plenty of options for easily installed portable bed rails, so our beds are a place of comfort and relaxation. Or rather, they should be. Unfortunately, some people who…

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The High(er) Risks of Multi-Vehicle Crashes

The majority of car crashes in the country involve only a single vehicle. When those crashes are fatal, determining the ultimate cause of the wreck can be difficult. When two vehicles are involved, the situation becomes much more complex; even with video evidence, there are now at least two versions of events and many more…

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Road Rage Sweeps Georgia

Most of us have experienced buying a new car with a bold color that feels new and exciting. Suddenly, your world is filled with cherry red or electric blue vehicles. There was no actual increase in the number of red cars or blue trucks on the road – you simply became more aware of the…

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Federal Commercial Truck Safety Guidelines Finally Get Updates

This past June, the U.S. Senate Commerce Committee introduced a bipartisan bill to invest $78 billion in transportation infrastructure over the next five years. Among many other provisions, the bill includes sweeping changes to commercial truck safety standards – and none too soon. One of the main provisions would make automatic emergency braking systems mandatory…

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