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Current Safety Recalls for Dangerous and Defective Products

Current Safety Recalls for Dangerous and Defective ProductsCompanies are legally obligated to make products that are safe and that work as promised. In instances where there is an inherent danger in the product – like a curling iron that gets very hot, for example – the manufacturer includes a warning label informing the consumer how to use the product safely to avoid injury.

Sometimes, manufacturers make and sell products that are defective in some way. If people begin to complain about injuries associated with the product, the company may issue a safety recall on the product. The U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (“CPSC”) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) are responsible to make sure that the products and foods we purchase are safe.

The CPSC has a website that is updated daily when new product recalls are issued. Here are some of the products currently listed on their site:

  • Kidde dual-sensor (photoelectric and ionization) smoke alarms – models PI2010 and PI9010, for failure to alert consumers when there is a fire. This recall affects 452,000 units in the U.S. and about 40,000 in Canada. Consumers should contact the company for a replacement smoke alarm and remove the affected smoke alarm once they have received the replacement.
  • Southwire’s WiOn Indoor In-wall Wi-Fi Switches, because they are a potential fire hazard. The recall affects about 24,000 units in the U.S. and approximately 6,000 in Canada. Consumers should immediately stop using the wi-fi switch and contact Southwire to receive the money to purchase a replacement switch. Consumers should hire an electrician to replace the switch and Southwire will reimburse for the cost.
  • AmazonBasics portable power banks, because the power bank’s battery can overheat and ignite, creating fire and burn hazards. This recall affects about 260,000 units. Consumers are directed to stop using the power bank immediately and contact Amazon for instructions on how to return the device and receive a refund.
  • Playtime Pals Pop-Up Hideaway Hut children’s tents, for a laceration hazard. The recall affects about 84,000 units. Consumers are instructed to stop using the tents immediately and to return them to Home Depot (the exclusive retailer) for a refund or store credit.

The FDA also has a website where they list the latest product recalls and market withdrawals for food and drugs. In some cases, the product is recalled because it contains ingredients that are not listed on the ingredients label. In other cases, a food may be contaminated with pathogens such as listeria, salmonella, or E. coli.

If a person sustains an injury because of a defective product, they may be able to take legal action against the manufacturer and recover compensation for their injuries and other losses. The injured person would have to prove that the product was defective either in its design, manufacturing, or marketing, and they would have to prove that the product’s defect was a cause of their injury. Consulting with an experienced Georgia products liability lawyer will help you to determine if you have a case worth pursuing.

At Harris Lowry Manton LLP, our lawyers have successfully handled complex product liability cases, even helping one family obtain a $40 million judgment on behalf of a family related to the faulty design of their Ford Explorer. To discuss your injuries and your legal options, call us in Atlanta at 404-961-7650, in Savannah at 912-651-9967, or complete our contact form today.

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