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What Are Different Categories of Product Liability?

What kinds of products liabilities cases are there? They’re really divided into three major categories. The first is, Is the the product itself defective? Is there something wrong with it that causes the product to injure or hurt somebody or sometimes even kill them? Those are product defects claims.

Then there are other kinds of products claims that deal with warnings. Is there something about the product that even if it works properly, the manufacturer hasn’t explained to the consumer potential dangers associated with how it works? Did you tell folks how to operate this particular machine? Did you explain to them how it might hurt them?

The third area of product liability laws is essentially failure to warn people about known issues with the product. So, if there are a bunch of folks who are being injured in a certain way, and the product is hurting people, there is an area of product liability law that says, “Look, the manufacturer has got to tell everybody out there in the world what it knows about potential dangers with its product.” Those are really the three major categories of product liability cases.

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