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Why Crane Accidents Are Catastrophic Accidents

Why Crane Accidents Are Catastrophic AccidentsCranes are common machines used to help construction workers or companies get their jobs done a lot easier and quicker. When a construction crew needs to lift or move a heavy object to a higher or lower area, a crane is typically used.

Although this is beneficial to construction employees and businesses, crane accidents can happen at any minute, injuring innocent bystanders, pedestrians, or motor vehicle drivers passing through the area. Therefore, any time that a crane is being used, individuals around the site are at risk of being involved in a catastrophic accident.

There are many reasons why crane accidents are so catastrophic:

  • Cranes are very heavy: Cranes weigh thousands of pounds. It is unlikely that you’ll survive if you’re struck by a crane, because the human body is not built to go up against these large, heavy, and powerful tools. However, if you miraculously survive this type of accident, you will likely suffer severe and life-threatening injuries that will affect your health and wellbeing for many years to come.
  • Cranes can fall at any moment and injure several people at once: Cranes are very large pieces of construction equipment. When a crane falls, it can injure an entire group of people at once. If construction workers or companies do not ensure that a crane is safe and secure, it can fall at any moment, severely injuring or even killing anyone that is in its path.
  • Surrounding buildings and areas are at risk of being struck: Most people only think of cranes injuring construction workers or those directly on the construction site. However, surrounding buildings and areas are also at risk of being struck. In fact, windy conditions often cause cranes to slam into other buildings as the crane operator may have a difficult time getting this heavy machinery under control. Therefore, people living, working, or visiting a building or area near a crane are at risk of being involved in a catastrophic crane accident.
  • Objects can be dropped on bystanders, drivers, and pedestrians: Since cranes are used to lift, carry, and move heavy objects from one area to another, those below are in danger of having these heavy items dropped onto them. This means that if a crane is lifting a 10,000-pound metal pole in a busy downtown area, the bystanders, drivers, and pedestrians underneath can be crushed within seconds if the crane collapses or drops the pole.
  • A minor mistake can lead to traumatic and devastating consequences: It only takes one minor mistake to cause a traumatic and devastating crane accident. While most people are aware of this, construction companies and businesses still try to cut corners and fail to properly train their employees. If a crane operator lacks the experience and training that they need, they may make one wrong move, putting many people below in harm’s way.

What should I do if I am injured in an Atlanta crane accident?

First and foremost, if you are injured in a crane accident, you should seek medical attention immediately. You will likely have permanent and life-altering injuries that need to be diagnosed and treated right away. However, after you have received the proper medical treatment and are on the road to recovery, it is highly recommended that you consult with an Atlanta crane accident lawyer as soon as possible. Your attorney will listen to your experience, conduct their own investigation, gather evidence to support your case, and help you determine which legal options you should pursue.

One of the first tasks you and your attorney will handle is determining who is responsible for your crane accident. This can be extremely difficult to determine as your accident may have been caused by multiple factors and parties. Therefore, you and your crane accident attorney will consider all potential parties, which may include:

  • The crane company
  • The construction company
  • The operator of the crane
  • The crane manufacturer
  • The crane rental company or owner
  • The building owner
  • The person/ company in charge of managing the safety of the crane

After your lawyer makes a decision on who is responsible for your crane accident, they will file a lawsuit against that individual or party on your behalf. The goal is to hold them accountable for their negligent actions, ensure that other innocent people are not hurt in the future, and secure the highest amount of compensation possible to help you get your life back on track after the accident.

If you have been involved in a recent crane accident in Atlanta, please do not wait to get the legal assistance you need. The crane accident attorneys at Harris Lowry Manton LLP know and understand that you are going through a tough and complicated time right now. However, we are available and ready to provide a helping hand and assist you with overcoming the challenges that you are facing. Call or contact us to get started today. Our team takes crane accident victims at both of our offices, which are located in Atlanta and Savannah, Georgia.

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