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There Is Trouble With Drug Use in the Trucking Industry

The potential for accidents with dire consequences looms large when sharing Savannah roads with semi-trucks. Among the myriad factors contributing to these accidents, drug and alcohol use among truck drivers is a prominent concern. Truck drivers grapple with a multitude of challenges, as highlighted in research by the American Addiction Centers (AAC). This study reveals…

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Commercial Trucks Are More Dangerous Than Ever

As Atlanta grapples with surging truck traffic, the risk of accidents increases every day. While many truck accidents stem from driver negligence, not all incidents can be attributed to human error. When a collision involves a commercial vehicle plagued by a defective component, victims may pursue product liability claims. These claims shift responsibility to manufacturers…

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Savannah’s About to Be a Safer Place for Pedestrians and Drivers

Chatham County is poised to receive significant funding to tackle railroad crossing congestion, a long-standing concern for residents and commuters, made possible by federal support from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. According to the Savannah Morning News, the project’s initial phase, focused on planning and development, will receive a total investment of $4.67 million. This funding…

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What Are the Leading Causes of Train Accidents in Savannah?

Train accidents can have serious consequences, impacting not just the people directly involved but also the surrounding community. Whether it’s due to human error, missing signage, mechanical issues, or other factors, these accidents can lead to severe injuries and financial hardships. When you’re up against the train companies or even the government, filing a lawsuit…

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Tesla’s Autopilot Is Killing People

There is no doubt that technology has brought us into a new age. Technological improvements have always simplified human tasks, whether for the better or worse. As the automotive industry evolves and embraces autonomous driving technologies, the rise of electric vehicles (EVs) equipped with advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) has become a topic of concern, especially…

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Dealing With the Emotional Toll of a Serious Personal Injury

Atlanta residents who experience an injury can face profound negative effects in their daily life. The physical pain and suffering are clear, but the emotional toll can be a silent challenge for victims. Coping with the aftermath of a personal injury requires resilience, support, and effective strategies for managing stress and anxiety. Outside of a…

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