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It’s Time to Mask Up for Justice!

It’s Time to Mask Up for Justice! These are unprecedented times in our country, which calls for unprecedented measures. The Georgia Trial Lawyers Association (GTLA) and Georgia Defense Lawyers Association (GDLA) have established a charitable effort, called Mask Up for Justice!, to raise funds to help Georgia’s courthouses reopen safely.

Harris Lowry Manton LLP attorney Andrew J. Conn has been working with Mask Up for Justice! to help ensure that our courthouses can resume jury trials. “It’s simple,” he said:

The lack of access to the court system not only affects Georgians with legal disputes, but it also hinders every attorneys’ ability to practice law and provide meaningful services to their clients. Although the Civil Justice System was created to afford every citizen the right to right a wrong, it is incumbent on those of us who represent these individuals and business to provide the financial means through this initiative to open our courts back up.

I think most lawyers went to law school and practice law because they want to help people. I cannot think of a better way to support our clients in these trying times than to support this initiative in any way possible to re-open our court systems.

Laura Voght, a local attorney and GTLA member, came up with the idea after her sister, a frontline medical worker, contracted COVID-19. She saw how difficult it was for the medical community to secure personal protective equipment (PPE), and the devastating results of that failure. GTLA President Lyle Warshauer agreed, and reached out to the GDLA President Jeff Ward to team up on the project, and Mask Up for Justice! was born. The project has earned the full support of the State Bar of Georgia.

The mission of Mask Up for Justice!

“The Mask Up for Justice initiative was started to provide PPE to our court systems to make it safer to resume court proceedings with the hope that we can soon return to conducting jury trials and obtaining justice for our clients,” Mr. Conn explained. “This fundraiser is also intended to make sure that our local court systems are not financially burdened with the high costs of supplying PPE to hundreds of thousands of potential jurors across the state. If we can create a safe environment without creating a financial strain on our communities, then we can get back to serving Georgians all over the state who must have access to their constitutional right to a trial by jury.”

How you can help

Visit and make a donation. Your donation is a tax-deductible charitable contribution.

Harris Lowry Manton LLP fully supports the efforts of Mask Up for Justice! and the work attorney Andrew Conn is doing to promote the mission. We hope you will join us in protecting our justice system, and helping Georgia create a safe environment in its courthouses.



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